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Wade Fishing:  $275 per day

Extra Angler:  $50 per day

Boat Fishing Trips:  $325 per day

Full day trips include shore lunch.



Deer:  $175 per day or $875 per 5 days

Bear (over bait) :  $1400 per 5 days

Accommodations at base camp are cabin tents with wood floors, wood stove and electricity.

We have a shower house with toilets and hot showers when temperatures allow.


Deposit and refund

50% deposit required at time of booking
90% refund for cancellations 14 or more days prior to trip
"No shows" billed in full


Sporting Licenses

Prior to your trip you will need to acquire the appropriate hunting or fishing license, including any required special tags or permits. These may be purchased at stores, such as WalMart or certain sporting goods stores or online at the following websites: